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In true Zing fashion – we are finding every opportunity to talk about the games. We simply love it!

100. Day to go until the opening of London 2012 summer olympics!

99. Training dolls supplied for wrestling and judo events.

98. Ninty eight percent of companies who’ve won games related contracts are UK based.

97. Ninty percent of athletes live within 30 minutes of their event venue.

96. Atlanta Olympics 1996 – Muhammed Ali lit the flame.

95. Ninty five percent of the UK population will be within 10 miles of the Olympic flame in 2012.

94. Silver medals ever won by Canada in Summer games.

93. Kg’s weight division in which judo star David Starbrook won medals in 1972 and 1976.

91. Age of Reg Whittaker who will carry the torch through Huntingdon.

90.17 Olympic javelin throw record.

89. Medals won by Germany at the 1936 Berlin games.

88. Since the last Olympics in Paris.

87. Countries that won medals at the 2008 Beijing games.

86. Million pounds it cost to build the Velopark.

84. Thousand employment opportunities created by the Atlanta games.

83. Gold medals won by USA at 1984 Los Angeles games.

82. Million Americans watched Michael Phelps win his eighth gold medal at Beijing.

81. Million pounds is the budget for both opening and closing ceremonies at London 2012.

80. Years drought for Team GB winning a gymnastics medal before the Beijing games.

79. Number of countries to win medals at the 1996 Atlanta games.

78. All Out! France’s first-innings score of the 1990 Olympic cricket tournament.

77. KG weightlifting category competition at ExCel on August 1st.

76. Miles of temporary fencing for London 2012.

75. Thousand people at the Seoul 1988 opening ceremony.

74. Olympic records broken at 1980 Moscow games.

73. KG category to be included in the Judo programme – London 2012.

72. Age of the oldest Olympian ever.

71. Age of the Oldest Olympian at London 2012.

70. Days to complete the torch relay.

68. Capacity of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

67. Million visitors to the Montreal Olympic Stadium since 1976 games.

66. Towns included in the torch relay.

64. Thousand – capacity of Berlin 1936 Olympic Stadium.

63. Medals won by China at Athens 2004.

62. Current age of Mark Spitz.

61. Articles in the Olympic Charter (Set of rules).

60. Meters is the height of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

59. Ft. Olympic Triple Jump record.

58. KG will be the most fiercely competed taekwondo events.

57. % of construction materials delivered to the Olympic Park by rail.

56. KM of timber laid to form the Velodrome track.

55. Main sponsors for 2012.

54. IOC votes which won the London campaign.

53. sets of lane ropes to be used in all pools.

52. Electricity pylons removed before building the Olympic Village.

51. Gold medals won by China in 2008.

50. Pence coins have been circulated to celebrate the games.

49. The 49’er class will be a big sailing event at 2012.

48. Hours to prepare the ‘Copper Box’ fencing venue after the handball finishes.

47. Medals won by Team GB at Beijing 2008.

46. Million unique visits to NBC’s site during Vancouver Winter Games.

45. Hectares of wildlife within the Olympic Park.

44. Nations competed at Paris 1924.

43. World records broken at Beijing 2008.

41. Countries competing in the equestrian events 2012.

40. Boxing contestants at 2012.

39. Year old Bulgarian gymnast will be appearing at his sixth Olympics.

38. Years old when Sir Redgrave won his fifth gold at Sydney 2000.

37. Competition venues for 2012.

36. Nations competing in the Mountain Biking.

35. Meters high – the basketball arena.

34. Different Olympic venues.

33. London boroughs that the torch relay will run through.

32. Age of Chris Hoy when he won 3 Gold’s at Beijing.

31. Final position in the Tour de France for Geraint Thomas last year.

30. New bridges built around the Olympic Park.

29. Age of Japanese multiple gold medalist Kosuke Kitajima.

28. Days it took to dig under the A12 motorway into the Olympic Park.

27. July 1996 a terrorist attack on Atlanta 1996 games.

25. September 2000 – the date Cathy Freeman won Gold in Sydney.

24. Hours a day footage provided by BBC.

23. Teams currently qualified for Mens Football.

22. Countries competed at London 1908.

21. August 1986 is the birthday of Usain Bolt.

20.  Years without winning a swimming gold before Rebecca Adlington.

19. Golds won by Team GB at Beijing.

18. Age of Tom Daley – Team GB’s diver.

17. Days of competition at 2012.

16. Square meters of floor space afforded to each athlete in the Games Village.

15. Cubic meters of water per second that rushes down the 300m white water rafting facility.

14. Record number of individual medals won by a Russian Gymnast.

13. Months taken to build the Water Polo arena in Strtford.

12. Times Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic Champion) played Tarzan.

11. Residential blocks within the Olympic Village.

10. Events in the decathon.

09. Cities that bidded for the 2012 games.

08. Gold medals won by Michael Phelps at Beijing.

07. mm thickness of each Olymic Medal.

06. Miles of road built within the Olympic Park.

05. Thousand capacity of the Water Polo venue.

04. Medals won by Lord Coe.

03. Olympic Park Venues that will host events simultaneously over the first weekend.

02. New sports to be added to the Rio 2016 – Golf and Rugby Sevens.

01. London is the 1st city to host the Summer Games three times – 1908, 1948, 2012.

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