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Keep office relationships buoyant with some secret santa gifts that perfectly suit their recipients!

1. For the One who keeps their desk obsessively clean

A desktop Henry vacuum will keep their desk clear of all those pesky crumbs!

2. For the One who’s always late

This flying alarm clock is certain to get them out of bed on time!

3. For the One who’s addicted to caffeine

This ‘Death Wish Coffee’ is billed as the strongest coffee out there. Get this colleague really buzzing for work!

4. For the One who lives for the weekend

This Spin and Shot Roulette Wheel will make their next drinking session that bit more intense.

5. For the One who falls asleep at their desk

This Ostrich Pillow light version will keep them nice and comfy. If you really like them, consider getting them the original version!

6. For the One who’s proud of their family

A Family Tree of picture frames will make the process of explaining their extended family ties a lot simpler.

7. For the One who wears ‘eccentric’ ties

Moustaches are so popular right now, and with this little tie clip they add a bit of fun to any tie from their range.

8. For the One who’s just a grown up kid

If they really have a kid’s mentality, these wind up racing granny and granddad figures should keep them entertained for hours!

9. For the One who spends money as quickly as they make it

The Greedy Pig Money Bank is adorable and can be stuck into any mug or jar to suit anyone’s taste.

10. For the One who’s incredibly busy

This 2015 Typographic Calendar is stylish and can even be personalised for home or food lovers!

11. For the One who brings in their home bakes

This little set will not only come in handy, it also looks great and doesn’t break the bank.

12. For the One who spends their weekends jetting around the world

This lovely Map Mug can be personalised with an area of their choice – either their home town or their dream destination.

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