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Here at Zing Events we hear countless different reasons why a company wants to organist a corporate team building event. These range from simply wanting to blow off steam to hoping to bond a team that have just begun to work together.

However targeting specific learning outcomes is the reason that businesses most commonly cite as their motivation for team building. And by far the most common desired outcome is that of improved communication skills. Team building activities can be a great way to discover where the weak links in communication stem from, and to encourage greater communication between colleagues in a relaxed environment. For example, Jim Berigan tells the story of a team building event he ran in which it quickly became clear the group’s leader was in fact obstructing the rest of the group from communicating effectively.

Bearing this in mind, here are 3 corporate team building activities which actively help foster communication amongst a group.

 1. Urban Art

Urban Art is a brilliant indoor team building activity where the group is split into smaller teams. These teams must then create scaled up versions of an urban art version of their company logo (or any other image). Where the communication comes in is that the teams must work together to find out what the image is, and to work out which part of it they are recreating. They then have to work together in this collaborative team building activity to make sure all the lines and colour tones blend seamlessly together.

 2. Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster is a creative team building event which also encourages a lot of communication. The group is again split into teams which are each given the task of creating a section of the rollercoaster. Each team elects a ‘chief engineer’ who is allowed to look at detailed plans of tower construction, which they must then communicate effectively to their team. Once the towers are underway the teams must all work together to make sure that the sections all connect and that the trigger/release system works perfectly.

 3. Get In The Zone

GITZ Task Book
Another corporate indoor team building activity which is excellent for improving group communication is Get In The Zone. Get In The Zone is a frantic, competitive team building activity where teams must complete different tasks to collect as many different points as possible. They key to success in this activity however, is communication, as it essential to discuss the best method for collecting points, who is strong at which type of activity and to keep the team updates on your successes.

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