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The Apprentice game

1. Never Ridicule Your Team Mates
Watching Team Tenacity call Felipe ‘Fat Daddy’ over and over again made for truly toe-curling television. It was even branded ‘mean’ by Karren Brady and caused a twitter storm with countless Apprentice fans aghast at the #FatDaddy concept. Treating all team-members with respect is vital to being able to work together productively.

2. Don’t Blindly Follow The Leader
Ella Jade was given the task of being leader because she quickly guaranteed the others that she had television experience, and her business idea to pitch to Alan Sugar at the end was, in fact, a TV production company. Was this the reason that none of the rest of the team questioned the clearly bizarre fat daddy concept? Even if your leader claims expert knowledge of the topic at hand, the other team members’ ideas should have been able to influence the project manager from going ahead with a train wreck plan.

3. Give Everyone Real Responsibility
– Sarah was given the task of ‘time keeping’, a spurious job title and one which she obviously wasn’t pleased with. In turn, she didn’t really contribute to the task at hand at all, and had no qualms in ripping Ella Jane’s leadership apart in the boardroom. Giving everyone real responsibility motivates them to be involved and gives them a reason to care about the end result.

If you missed the two youtube channels’ debut videos, here they are in all their glory….

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