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Modern conferences have moved far, far away from the days of dry PowerPoint presentations and sombre note taking. Now when turning up to a conference a delegate can expect a whole host of innovative activities to be laid on for them, ranging from trivia evenings to zombie themed events!

Even if you’re on a tight budget or have a short deadline, if you follow these 3 simple steps, you should easily find the inspiration to quickly spice up your next conference.

 1. All about the setting

When you think of a typical conference room the image of a low-ceilinged, non-heated dingy classroom might come to mind, but this doesn’t have to be the case! There are lots of lovely, quirky venues out there. How about the Soho Hotel for a classy but light and modern space? Or you could make like the ‘Lost Lectures’ and surprise your guests by taking them to a random pop-up location. If the venue itself is set, try adding beanbags instead of chairs to any venue to instantly relax the mood of the event. Putting your guests in an interesting setting can inspire them to think in a different way than they normally do, as well as encouraging them to spread the word to any colleagues who weren’t lucky enough to get an invite!

2. Devil’s in the Detail

It doesn’t take have to be a huge operation in order to make your guests happy, delegates will appreciate small gestures that are different from the norm. For example, these Creative Morning’s Q&A badges are a fun idea and will also get your guests’ brains kickstarted nice and early. You could bring round mini cupcakes for each guest, or offer a smoothie bar where guests can get refreshed in a fun, engaging way. Whatever they are, any small details that are a little unusual, personalised and that show you’ve put some thought and care into the event will go down a storm.

3. Interactivity is Key

It is absolutely essential that your guests can get involved interactively with the event. There are hundreds of different ways in which this could take place: A screen showing up to date social media contributions to the event, graffiti boards, crowd-sourced installations such as wish trees, campfire sessions…the list goes on. For loads of great ideas take a look at this great tweakyourbiz blog post. Especially useful are bespoke experiential activities that allow your guests to directly engage in a multi-sensory way with what they are learning about.

Have you been to a conference that was different to the norm? How did the organisers achieve it? Comment and let us know!

Zing Events can provide a plethora of different ideas to spice up your next conference. From conference energisers led by our professional presenters to pub games for in between sessions, Zing leads the way in creative solutions generating exciting conferences. Right down to venue sourcing, venue decoration and PA systems, Zing will have you covered.

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