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We all remember taking part in the playground games of our childhoods – whether that was British Bulldog, Oranges and Lemons or the dreaded Kiss Chase!

What many people don’t realise is that playing those same games with their work colleagues can be a fun and effective team building method. There are many benefits of play for an adult, including letting off steam, fuelling the imagination and being social in a creative, unstructured way. Plus, the shared nostalgia these games are sure to ignite create a great talking point between your team and a point of shared connection.
These team building ideas are not only great for fostering co-operation, they are also completely free! All you need is some space, some basic equipment and a team ready to get up and going!

1. Skipping Games

With some simple skipping ropes you can arrange a whole host of different games. Compete to see who can complete the most ‘skips’ in a minute, show off your old tricks or attempt double dutch. Try to remember (or look up) some of the old rhymes you used to sing to add an element of comedy.

2. Stuck in the Mud

If you haven’t played stuck in the mud before, it is essentially a game of tag except the ‘tagger’ stays the same, and those who are tagged must stand still with their legs apart until they are ‘rescued’ by another team member crawling through their legs. A team building event that encourages co-operation as well as raising the heart rate and shedding inhibitions.

3. Grandma’s Footsteps

In this game one person stands with their back to the others, who must then try and creep up on them. Whenever ‘Grandma’ turns around the encroaching team members must freeze, and if they move can be sent back to the start. A fun, competitive team building activity that also tests problem-solving skills.

 4. Duck, Duck, Goose

A traditional game where the group sits in a circle and one person (the ‘goose’) walks round the outside tapping on each participant’s head until a new picker is chosen. To mix it up try one of the game’s variations – duck, duck, splash or extreme duck, duck, goose!

This is only a short list, and in fact most childhood games work well as corporate team building activities. Have a brainstorm within your team to see which games are most remembered and enjoyed to create a corporate team building event which is quick, cheap and everyone can participate in.

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