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If the energy in your office is a little lacking this Friday, try out one of these fun mini team building activities!

Stretch Armstrong               2 People


Have two people both grab hold of a large lump of blu-tack. Then, carefully stretch it out and see how far you can go without snapping it. If you get it over 45cm you’re onto a winner!





Balloon Tower                       2+ People


Using balloons and sticky tape, it is your task to construct a tower. It must be freestanding and it must NOT be stuck to the floor! Managed to get your tower standing over 3 metres tall? You are a true balloon tower expert.





A Bit Dicey                         2 People


First of all gather up some lollipop sticks and dice. Then one person must hold a lollipop stick in their mouth whilst the other places the dice on top. The ultimate test of staying steady under pressure! Getting 6 or more dice to balance on the stick is very impressive.





Bin Bag Fashion                     3+ People


Set yourself a time limit in which to come up with the most dashing bin bag outfit for one (or two) members of the team to wear. The more garments and accessories the better!





Go the Distance                     2 People


Grab a cup, a measuring tape and a Ping-Pong ball. Set one person up at one end of the tape with the cup and one the other end with the ball. Can you roll the Ping-Pong balls down the tape measure so that they settle in the cup? Roll the ball over 7 feet and you can consider yourself pro.

All these games and over one hundred more feature in Zing’s high energy, inclusive and fun team building activity ‘Get In The Zone!’ Whether you are are creative, physical, or prefer a more cerebral challenge, this team building event has something for everyone! Find out a bit more about Get In The Zone by reading this blog post or watching this video….



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