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Planning your New Year’s Eve to perfection is a stressful task. If you want to go out, you can often find you get the same as on any other night except that it costs triple the price and takes an hour to get served at the bar.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas for a New Year’s Eve a bit different from the norm. If you don’t fancy drinking, you want to avoid the crowds or if you just want a really memorable night unlike every other Saturday this list has something for everyone. Read on and get excited about New Year’s Eve this year!

1. New Year’s Eve Burlesque Ball at Proud

Featuring live bands, cabaret performers, fire breathers and of course, burlesque performances!

2. Disappearing Dinner Dance

The fantastic location of this event (London’s last remaining lighthouse) is the main draw, as well as the promise of a lush meal and brilliant DJs all night long.

3. F**k New Year’s Eve Party

Technically this isn’t actually something to do on New Year’s Eve itself as this event takes place the day before – the 30th Dec. This means you can avoid the crowds but still get to enjoy a big night of indie electro mash up anthems.

4. Blitz Party

Relive the glamorous 40’s underground party scene with a night full of swing music, cocktails and live bands. Dress to impress and really get into the theme.

5. DryScene New Year’s Eve Party

If drinking isn’t your thing, try the DryScene Jazz music night at Philbeach Hall to have a night with like-minded people and brilliant mocktails.

6. Twisted Circus NYE Party

The twisted circus provides circus freaks, robots and all kinds of other circus madness to entertain you throughout the night. Helped along by a top DJ and endless drinks.

7. Enchantment Under The Sea Party

The Breakfast Club is making the famous ‘under the sea’ party from Back to the Future a reality. Transport back to the 50s for a fun night of cheesy decorations and great music.

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