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1. The Thermal Club, California

The Thermal Club is an elite country club near Californian desert town La Quinta, where the rich and famous can buy themselves a ‘garage villa’ overlooking a specially built 4.5 mile racetrack. The perfect solution to that annoying problem of not being able to get your supercar up to top speed on a standard road!

2. Club 33, California

Disney’s most secretive and elite members’ club. Inside the bar is packed with vintage Disney memorabilia and is ‘the happiest place on earth’ where you can sip on a gin and tonic amongst the likes of Tom Hanks and Elton John.

3. ‘The Club With No Name’ OR 432 N.Fairfax, California

Although the bouncers will tell you it has no name and not much else, the rich and famous continue to flock to this venue near Beverly every night. There is no website or phone number, and if you do get invited, you get a blank card with a telephone number on. Sometimes you may even come across the venue completely locked to outsiders whilst those lucky few inside can be clearly heard having a good time.

4. Osea Island, Essex

Osea Island, off of the small town of Maldon is only accessible by boat, helicopter or a causeway at low tide. The Island has become a popular place for London’s most fashionable, rich young residents to go and party. The strictly invitation only events, which are organised on random weekends, are an opportunity for young celebrities to let their hair down away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

5. The Secret Room in Quo Vadis, London

Quo Vadis appears to be simply a classy dining spot in Soho. However if you know the right people you can go past reception, into the petting room, scan your finger to get into the honesty room and then you just have to find the door to the right of the pool room to find yourself in one of the most exclusive party spots in London.

6. White’s Gentlemen’s Club, London

This building started out as a place to sell hot chocolate but soon became an extremely private gentlemen’s club. It is best known for its ‘betting book’ where members can make outrageous high-stake gambles on anything and everything.

7. White Revolver, Sydney.

Next to an innocent looking bar called ‘Thru The Grapevine’ there is an inconspicuous keyhole in the wall, which when unlocked leads to an extremely exclusive club called White Revolver. Membership is not expensive, but does require personal invitation, meaning you probably aren’t ever getting inside.

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