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Were you a Lego master when you were growing up, able to transform those little bricks into amazing sculptures? Or was K’nex more of your thing? Maybe you even remember using Duplo in your earliest days? Or the absolute joy opening a new tub of Playdoh used to bring?

Most of us have happy memories of the building and creating we did as a child, letting our imaginations loose to transform the most mundane objects into innovative new projects. Being set a creative challenge can stir up those memories, and it became clear last week that the delegates taking part in some of our most creative team building activities were no exception, as they created all kinds of clever big boys’ toys.

Team Building_Soap Box Derby_Mechanic Pose
The first team building event that stimulated our team’s creative juices was the Soap Box Derby Event. The teams were challenged to created themed designs for their wooden-chassis Soap Box carts. This corporate team building activity is brilliant for stimulating ingenuity, as the teams raced to put together their carts so that they were both stylish and aerodynamic.

In the end two of our favourite designs were this stylish ‘Top Gun’ themed, aeroplane-esque contraption and this sleek ‘Greased Lightning’ car.

Teambuilding_Soapbox Derby_Top GunTeam Building_Soap Box Derby_Greased Lightning
The team building event culminated in an exciting final race and was a great success.

The second corporate team building event was Zing’s Rollercoaster activity. In this team building event the teams are challenged to use newspaper rods and cable ties to create a rollercoaster capable of transporting a large ball from A to B.

Team Building_Rollercoaster_Testing
Not only must the design be functional it must also be creative, incorporating dips and climbs, corners and any other component the team decides to include. This week’s Rollercoaster event even saw one particularly enthusiastic member slave away on a ‘loop-the-loop’, which had to be manually operated by two team members.

The Rollercoaster team building activity is a real testament to what can happen when you give grown men a big heap of materials, a challenge and the promise of a prize to be won.

Team Building_Rollercoaster_Balls Eye View
Interested in reliving your childhood and taking part in a corporate team building event where you can get constructing? We have hundreds of different team building ideas for you to get stuck in to.

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