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So it’s official. The John Lewis advert has been released to much general hysteria, coke bottles emblazoned with the words ‘dancer’ and ‘vixen’ are filling the shops and a huge Christmas tree has popped up in St. Pancras – Christmas Mania has begun!

So whilst the sight of Christmas trees in November might put your teeth on edge and realistically you probably don’t have to start going out and buying presents just yet, it is a good time to start planning any corporate Christmas activities you have in mind.

First up is the traditional Christmas party. If you want to organise a glittering event offering excellent corporate evening entertainment then we offer all the bespoke services that you will need.

We can find you a venue, organise decoration, sound system and even bespoke corporate evening entertainment to perfectly suit your company. Why not arrange a cocktail making evening, or just add the bar with an interactive reception into your evening. Pub games or casino tables are also an ideal way to subtly create conversation and add something different to the standard Christmas party format.

Alternatively, why not make even more of a change from the norm and allow your team some time to really let loose with some Christmas team building. As we’ve discussed before in the blog Christmas is the perfect time for a corporate team building event due to the unavoidable festive burnout most of us will experience around this time.


The Zing Show is a great example of a Christmas evening team building event which brings the team together through a good dose of healthy competition and lots of laughter. Don’t believe us? Watch the video…

If you’re interested in a bespoke Christmas party event, or a Christmas team building event then we have an idea to suit you. And you can trust in us that it will be non-awkward and professionally delivered to the highest standard.

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