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It’s no surprise that when it comes to team building, ‘corporate’ is often a synonym for boring. Do you yawn at the thought of building yet another raft with colleagues? Do you shudder at the prospect of wandering about being blindfolded by a work colleague you barely know as part of a trust exercise? Well here at Zing Events we do too. The bog standard team building exercises that we see time and time again just don’t cut it for us. We know what works and what get’s your team working together minus the awkwardness and minus the boring.

Choosing the right Team Building or Corporate Event | Team Building Activities from Zing Events

Now we aren’t talking the thrill seeking team building exercises of hijacking á la Ericsson Telecom Company who unleashed two men with masks and weapons on a coach load of an unbeknown sales team, nor fire-walking on a bed of hot coals or even water-boarding (yes, an American based telemarketing company actually water-boarded one of its employees as a team building exercise in 2008!). At Zing Events we break tradition with half the danger and double the fun.

Need some ideas? Why not try our high energy Get in the Zone team building activity and prepare to take a trip down memory lane with entertainment of our childhood, all activities designed to challenge your mental, physical, skills and creative capabilities. Or take a look at our Zing Show, a game show like evening high on quality, low on cheese. Offering bespoke team building packages, whatever it is you need for your team Zing Events can help. Affordable, fun and quality driven Zing Events is a one-stop shop for your entire corporate event needs!