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Murder Mystery Overview

In a hotel deep in the rolling countryside, a group have gathered for a night of good food and company. While the wine flows and the laughter grows a scream is heard from the corridor. Outside a body lays still and lifeless, but who did it…

The murder mystery show commences during pre-dinner drinks. Suspicious characters enter and mingle with guests. Throughout the rest of the evening the task in hand is to question the sinister suspects – study their alibi’s and motives – watch carefully for any mysterious activities or confrontations – but most of all, have fun.

How does it work?

An opening speech or presentation takes place and various scenes unfold. Observation and attention is essential as crucial information is relayed throughout the scandalous misconduct and dodgy dealings taking place. Towards the end of the pre-dinner drinks a murder occurs and all guests are escorted to the dining room and requested not to let the grisly proceedings spoil their appetite. The client is then left for 10 minutes or so to be seated for starters and contemplate the interesting scenes they have just witnessed.

An authoritative figure enters during starters (Detective etc.). He has acquired various documents that may be of assistance in cracking the case. Evidence packs are issued to each team with vital information. The suspects are then brought in for the separate teams to interrogate.

There will also be a few interactive team challenges and puzzles to solve. (Discernment is used during dinner as not to bombard the client but to give them time to relax and enjoy their food as well) During dessert, the verdict forms are issued – the time has come to accuse the murderer, their motive and method. Over coffee a big finale will reveal the truth and the culprit is unveiled. Prizes for the winning team are usually a box of chocolates and a souvenir certificate to be taken back to the office notice board for some serious bragging.

We have a comprehensive selection of themes for you to choose from, including: Downtrod Abbey, 1920’s Gangsters, Wild West, James Bond, Jack The Ripper, Venetial Masked Ball, 1950’s Hollywood, Cluedo, Pirates, Sherlock Holmes, Deadly Auction, 1970’s Spy Spoof, XFiles, Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, School Reunion, Dallasty, Late Gatsby, Wicked Waxwords, Medieval, Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Halloween!


  • This activity has 60 minutes of content to fit your agenda
  • It works particularly well with 15mins in between 4 courses over dinner
  • Dramatic entrance from the Detective
  • Introduction to the activity by your Event Host
  • Opportunity to interrogate suspects throughout
  • Guests are left feeling elated and uplifted 

What do we provide

  • A charismatic lead instructor to drive the energy 
  • Professional actors – for a slick and authentic performance
  • Up to 30 guests  = 4 Actors
  • 31 – 80 guests = 5 Actors
  • 81 – 120 guests = 6 Actors 
  • Actors dressed in fantastic costumes
  • Expert support throughout the activity – if clues are required!

What do you need to provide

  An indoor space, large enough to provide each team with a table and chairs

Images of Murder Mystery in Action

Watch the Event in Action


Key Benefits For Your Team

Sharing information
Engaging and Memorable
Informal fun
Attention to detail

Return on Investment

£19.99 per person per Person*
£1299* Set Up Fee**
*All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate *Set Up Cost is Charged Per Activity Booked *Travel included to venues within a 100 mile radius of HQ/£45p* a mile thereafter

Activity Facts

We run it for groups of 15 – 300+
60 minutes of content, to fit your agenda
Experienced Actors and Actresses
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Where can the event take place?

We will travel to any indoor location we are required to.; please see what we require from you, above.

This set-up fee covers all project management and pre-event coordination.

Yes, there is an economy of scale.

We prefer Credit Card to ensure payment is made in advance of the event. You can however pay by BACS if payment terms can be met.

We will always try and accommodate a date change, but within 7 days of your event there is a charge to cover each member of our cancelled team.

We have a very large team of fully trained and charismatic Event Hosts - so only rarely are we sold out.

You do not need to provide any equipment whatsoever.

We’ve run this activity for 300 people at once. We would recommend that your whole group is more than 8 people.

Between 6-10 in a team works well.

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The booking can be at whatever time or date you like - the booking will be exclusive to your group. We regularly run events for global teams so our team can nearly always accommodate you.

Bookings are based on minimum chargeable numbers, but if numbers do increase we will provide an invoice for any extras.