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If your family are anything like mine there comes a point in every Christmas party, after the wine has been flowing and everyone has caught up with each others’ lives, when a family game is suggested. Charades is always a favourite, as is Articulate, Who’s In The Bag and (if everyone is in the right mood) the cereal box game.

If you fancy mixing it up this year how about trying out some of these more unusual games. Some might take a little more preparation than usual, or even searching out some simple bits of equipment, but these mini team building style games will ensure that the Christmas ‘Do’ this year is full of laughter and surprises!

Table Tug

Firstly split up your guests into teams. Then set up some cheap tableware e.g. cups, plates, cutlery, candle holders etc. on a tablecloth and then let each team have a go at tugging out the tablecloth from under the items without disturbing the items set up on the cloth. A brilliant team building activity that will work just as perfectly at the Christmas party.

Fat Santa

For this team building game you need to blow up a lot of balloons and buy the biggest pair of cheap trousers and a jumper that you can find. You then precede to stuff the clothes, with someone wearing them, full of balloons in the fastest time possible. This game is hilarious and you can judge the winner anyway you want.

Head Swing Ball

Another hilarious team building style game, this activity involves a team member wearing a pair of tights with a ball in the end over their head, and attempting to knock over water bottles (or anything else you choose) placed in a line in front of them on the floor. Guaranteed to cause uncontrollable laughter.

Smart Phone Photo Challenges

Get creative! Using the same format as Charades get everyone to come up with some photo ideas for all the other teams to complete. For example – group selfie, in the front garden, ‘a terrible accident occurs’, awkward family photo etc. Then all the teams must complete all the challenges, taking photos on their phones/cameras. The most creative photos win and you’ll have some great candid family shots to save for years to come!

These quick, fast and funny team building games are exactly the type of activity that you can expect to take part in in a number of Zing’s team building events. The Generation Game, The Zing Show and Get In The Zone all incorporate hundreds of these type of activities, plus lots of extra equipment, a professional presenter and a host of other surprises.

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