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Welcome to one of the largest portfolios of GPS Treasure Hunts in the Team Building industry; we have a variety of fully managed, in-person hosted Treasure Hunts, and socially distanced, remote hosted options for you to choose from, catering for event briefs of all sizes and budgets at city locations across the whole world.

GPS Treasure Hunts offer an unparalleled solution for getting to explore new areas, or even getting to know the city that you’re already based in! Our GPS Treasure Hunts have team building at their core, with an eclectic variety of inclusive challenges, questions and conundrums to test all abilities, whilst forging strong relationships in the process and creating memorable experiences. All of the content has been carefully curated to appeal to international groups – Zing solely works B2B with the largest organisations in the world, and have done so for the past decade.

The aim of a GPS Treasure Hunt is to visit as many GPS Hotspots as possible, in the time given, to activate challenges and trivia. Teams will navigate a Google-maps style interface to locate the hotspots, collecting points as they go. Every challenge is different from the one before, creating excitement and suspense; challenges can include using the camera functionality on your device to capture Video or Photo content of the team being creative. Meanwhile, running parallel to the challenges is a live Leaderboard which shows the progress of the other teams which fuels competition and drives creativity to squeeze every last point available and an additional functionality that allows you to see the whereabouts of the other teams too.

GPS Treasure Hunts offer fantastic value for money, as more often than not, you do not require a venue to host the activity at, our in-person hosted options can be started and concluded in a bar or restaurant for example, and our remote hosted options (where you use your own devices) are introduced over a web call platform, and therefore you can be on the move or in a quiet area for this aspect.

Regardless of which option you choose for your next team building activity, rest assured that our award winning GPS Treasure Hunt App is a tried and tested formula for teams to have lots of fun, network, reconnect and boost wellbeing in the outdoors.

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The guys at Zing were amazing. The organisation, humor etc were all fantastic. The team here at Sky Works thoroughly enjoyed the event. Couldn't recommend Zing enough.

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