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You’ve seen the pictures in glossy magazines, on Pinterest, and splashed all over websites – corporate evening event venues dressed up to the nines and looking stunning. And yet you may find that your venues, even when they’re fully decked out in decorations, somehow stay looking a little flat.

One way to cheaply and quickly make any corporate evening entertainment or evening team building event look much more sumptuous and expensive is through clever use of uplighters.

Uplighters are small lights that easily plug into the mains and when lent against the wall create a beautiful lighting effect in any colour you want. They normally come pretty cheap, and you can easily either hire them or buy your own from about £30-£50 each.

Here are a  few tips on ways to use them to get the best out of your event venue…

Uplight the entrance and/or outdoor architecture:

Uplighting the outside of your venue will make a great first impression to all your guests as they arrive, and really make it feel like a special and bespoke event that they’re attending.

Uplight trees or other particular features:

Use uplighters to emphasise the unique elements of your chosen venue, whether this is the natural beauty of the surrounding foliage or interesting architectural nuances.

Use uplighters in a ‘blank canvas’ venue:

Using uplighters in a bare space means you can create the exact feel you want for your event, and add warmth to a space that otherwise feel cold. If you are holding a corporate event, using uplighters in their brand’s signature colour in an otherwise empty space sends a clear message and provides a classy yet corporate feel.

Uplight textured surfaces:

Change it up by propping your uplighters up so that they shine on a brick wall or pleated curtain to create an interesting textured colour wash effect.

Although we highly recommend using uplighters to decorate your event, do remember to check with the venue that they allow uplighter use well in advance of the event. Traditional PAR cans do use a lot of electricity, and get very hot so in many cases it might be wiser to use LED uplighters.

Zing are experts at organising corporate evening events, and can prepare something suitable for any type of evening event, be it an awards ceremony, Christmas party or an evening team building activity. We can provide many services including venue finding, PA systems and event decoration as well as, of course, team building ideas.

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