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The words ‘team building’ for some conjure up an image of an afternoon filled with awkward trust exercises and ‘ice breakers’, away from the office where they could be doing productive work.
So how can you organise a number ofoutdoor and indoor team building activities which the participant both enjoys and feels has a positive impact on how they work? Here are a few things to remember when organising a team build that will make all the difference in the feedback you receive.

Think of your audience

The key to a successful team building activity is that it doesn’t make the participants feel awkward or uncomfortable. By assessing the group that will be taking part it should be simple enough to work out what they will or won’t feel comfortable with. A group of outgoing, creative sales executives may well feel keen to dress up and sing in an X Factor style activity, whereas a group of senior accountants might well want something a little more subdued.

Make the activity fit the outcome

The team building event will be judged by how successful it is in terms of learning outcome as well as enjoyment, so make sure you find out from the boss exactly what they want to get out of it. If the group needs to just let off steam after a big project, then an exciting, competitive game show might be the answer, whereas if they are a newly formed group, joining together to take part in a collaborative team building event may help them to bond.

You CAN find something great on a budget

Just because you’ve been given a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to do something small scale in the office cafeteria. Try looking for a pub function room or ask your team building event company to source a really cheap venue for you. Just leaving the office will make the event feel that bit more special. Likewise, with the event itself, there are plenty of great team building activities out there that are unique without involving masses of expensive kit. Search and you will find!
Remember these 3 key pointers and you will be sure to deliver team building events which is both enjoyed by all and has an effect on office productivity. Have a look at this infographic to see the many ways team building can benefit your organisation, and check out the rest of the blog for many more exciting team building activity ideas!
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