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Hybrid team-building events! Remember the name because they’re here to stay! 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say life has drastically changed! We’ve turned to virtual space to help keep business as usual and we’re constantly looking for innovative solutions to make virtual life easier. Although restrictions are lifted and people are returning to work, WFH(work from home) has become the norm for most businesses.  

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But what about team-building events? 

In-person events are returning, but right now virtual events are staying the dominant player in the event space. What if we could have the success of virtual events we’ve enjoyed during the lockdown and combine it with some of the in-person elements we miss? 

That’s where our Hybrid team-building events come in.  

What is it?  

Similar to any virtual event, the activity is hosted on a web conferencing platform, such as Zoom or MS Teams. However, our hybrid team-building events are located somewhere in the middle of in-person and virtual. Giving both a live and virtual experience to all.  

We’ve created a portfolio of activities that can accommodate workforces split across different locations; whether part of the team is based at Headquarters and another internationally – we have inclusive activities that will involve and engage the ‘whole team’ simultaneously. Those of the team based in Headquarters can beam our Event Host onto a big screen and work around a shared device, and those based Internationally or WFH can tune in on their Laptops or Computers. Regardless of their location, it has no bearing on their enjoyment of the activity or the level of engagement it provides. 

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Why Hybrid? 

Even with how far we’ve come with technology, it will always be hard to replicate live team-building events. Hybrid allows those who would prefer in-person to attend and those who may have limitations due to location or COVID-19 restrictions. There are also no limitations on venue sizes, as those attending online enjoy the convenience of virtual space. Our clients want team-building activities that show the same amount of flexibility and versatility that they extend to their employees. 

Furthermore, the method of delivery for our Hybrid team building activities safeguards both your employees and ours, negating any personal contact whatsoever.  

Hybrid Team Building | Virtual Team Building Activities | Zing Events

Here to stay! 

Hybrid events are here to stay and we want to change your team building and collaboration days. We have an extensive list of activities to pick from and our award-winning App and team of charismatic online Event Hosts make both Virtual and Hybrid activities every bit as enjoyable and memorable as an activity delivered in person. 

If you’d like to know more about our hybrid team building events or would like to see what activities we offer visit Zing Events.

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