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Boomwhackers Facts

We can run it for groups of 15 – unlimited

Activity lasts about an hour

It’s great for Fun – networking – entertainment – on a budget

This activity can be run worldwide



Adding a melodic and harmonic energiser to your away day has never been simpler; our Boomwhackers have become incredibly popular as they are easy to play and have a unique kinesthetic experience when whacking them.

This team building energiser or as they’re often referred to – corporate ice breakers, is fantastic, as seamlessly, a stagnated conference group can be transformed into one giant orchestra creating instant music with these zany tubes which make up the Pentatonic scale.

The team building activity is lead by our master presenter/ conductor who starts the group practicing with some more simplistic rhythms, before upping-the-anti and challenging the group to follow his lead with more complex music.

The activity will start with a welcome from your host. They will add their own humor to the evening event and guide you through the quiz.

The quiz will be made up of rounds that you have chosen, each round will last about 10 minutes (perfect for between courses at dinner).

The rounds themselves will be made up of questions, video clips, audio clips and activities that can see the whole table on their feet..


Become part of an orchestra and work together and one team. The experience can also be filmed so that you have something to take away at the end of the event..


  • Musical Activity
  • All equipment
  • Conductor lead
  • Event manager & crew.
  • Fully Managed

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