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Choc Box Challenge

Choc Box Challenge Overview

A fantastic team building activity that tastes as good as it looks! We challenge teams to devise a completely new, innovative and unique confectionary product from the vast array of fresh ingredients and craft materials provided – it’s time to get creative in our choc box team building challenge!

Our tongue-in-cheek business tycoon will also specify that the products come with a viable business strategy and memorable TV commercial, which will come under scrutiny as our tycoon gets down to the business end of things when teams present their concepts to the whole group. Teams must harness the concept of creating a brand-new box of chocolates from the vast array of materials provided.

How does this indoor team building activity work?

This fun activity is introduced by our facilitator who explains what the task of the day is. The teams will start with a planning stage where they must come up with a unique and never tasted before chocolate and a marketing strategy to blow the competition away. Teams will be able to try before they buy at our shop – where all of the ingredients and craft materials are housed. This enables the teams to create a never tasted before chocolate!

While the chocolates are being created, there are many other roles to play. A business plan must be drawn up after analysing the information provided on the chocolate market with an accompanying marketing strategy. Then, it’s time to script, act out and film a TV commercial that will be played back at the end of the session.

At the end of the choc box team building activity, only one team and their brand-new product will be crowned the winner!

The Choc Box Challenge Team Roles

The choc box challenge focuses on many roles within the teams, including:
Creative – Chocolates and packaging need to be designed, alongside script writing and acting.
Analytical – Analysing of the current chocolate market and then putting these findings into creating a solid business plan that works.
Practical – The chocolates need to be made along with the construction of the boxes.


Included in your Choc Box Challenge team building activity

  • A professional host who’ll keep the energy levels high throughout the team building challenge
  • An event manager as your main point of contact on the day, ensuring the smoothest of event deliveries.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the games and get the competitive juices flowing.
  • Full AV equipment – including plenty of chocolate!
  • The winning team will receive the much-coveted Zing medals and of course any additional prizes you want to add.
  • Bespoke audio-visual presentation

Watch the activity in action

Choc Box Challenge Gallery

Choc Box Challenge Facts

We can run it for groups of 8 – unlimited

Activity lasts from 2 to 4 hours

It’s great for creativity– strategic planning – project management


This activity can be run worldwide.

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