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Rollercoaster Facts

We can run it for groups of 15 – unlimited

Activity lasts from 2 to 3 hours

It’s great for: one team goal – precision results – collaboration

This activity can be run worldwide.



Rollercoaster is our fun yet challenging team building activity which requires high levels of communication and collaboration between teams, in the process of engineering a ‘roller-coaster inspired contraption’ that can support a large ball on its journey from one team tower to the next, in a chain reaction like sequence.

The finale is quite something , with the whole room witnessing how working together can achieve great things.

As with all Zing events we start the activity off with a number of energisers to relax everyone into the activity.

The teams are then presented with blueprints which show them how to construct the starting tower.

Each tower has it’s own trigger to release the ball and this must be carefully constructed.

It is then a team effort to construct their tower from the equipment provided. It’s not just an individual team effort. All teams must work together to ensure that as a whole team they deliver a fully functional roller coaster.


Energiser – Our Mexican Railway get everyone energised and ready for the main activity.
Construct – Teams must construct their Rollercoaster out of newspaper rods and cable ties. Teams have to build a trigger system to start.
The finale – Teams stand in the middle of the room while the rollercoaster is triggered. They then to watch as each tower triggers. The noise when it reaches the end is deafening


  • A fun evening.
  • One of a kind event.
  • Comical host.
  • Event manager & crew.

See the event in action

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