Award Winning Indoor Team Building Event

The Sphere Overview

Welcome to The Sphere. Do you and your team have what it takes to be tested to the max in this varied team building activity?

Teams compete head to head in a whole variety of different challenges to win as many points as they can for their team. Our activities are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes including communication, logic, co -ordination, problem solving and time management.

How does this outdoor team building activity work?

The Sphere begins with the delegates arriving at the event space to see our spectacular equipment and giant inflatable Sphere as the tunes pump out and the excitement grows.

They are then welcomed by the host, who whips up the group and explains the rules and challenges that await.  

Then after a couple of quick energisers to break the ice, the teams (either chosen pre event or randomly picked on the day) are briefed about the competition.  

The activities are spread out over multiple zones with each zone having its own theme but still containing a varied selection of team building activities.

Teams will spend 10 -15 minutes on each activity competing against another team, after this time they will rotate to another activity and face another team. This means that throughout the event delegates are engaging with everyone in the group.

On our outdoor Sphere each Zone has its own marquee dressed with themed flags which adds both a ‘Wow’ factor as you enter the arena and shelter if the weather is inclement.  

Our indoor Sphere sees all the same team building activities with each zone having its own up-lit pop up banners to help theme the area. We have multiple inflatable Spheres; some are as low as 2.5 metres so they can fit into most indoor spaces.

The activities are facilitated by our event team and will appeal to all age groups and abilities.  You’ll get the chance to grab a nerf gun to play space pool, channel your inner tribal warrior, try out a mind bending memory test, solve a series of codes to break into a safe, take up your bow and arrow, or maybe negotiate a path through laser beams.  

After each activity the winning team is awarded points and the event team then moves you on to another challenge.  

Our inflatable Sphere is a wonder to behold, where the top teams with the most points will battle it out to be crowned the victors. It’s fun, energising and competitive whilst encouraging great team work.

Included in your Sphere team building activity…

  • Professional host who’ll keep the energy levels high.
  • Event manager… your main point of contact on the day ensuring the smoothest of event deliveries.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the games and get the competitive juices flowing.
  • Equipment… Full AV equipment including music throughout the event.
  • Prizes… the winning team gets the much-coveted Zing medals and of course any additional prizes you want to add.
  • Bespoke audio visual presentation.


Watch the activity in action

The Sphere Gallery

The Sphere Facts

We can run it for groups of 08 – 500+

Activity lasts from 60 mins to 3 hours

It’s great for – problem solving – competitive – collaborative – logical thinking

Indoors & outdoors

This activity can be run worldwide

Trusted by…

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