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Well, the Mayans got it all wrong – and we have a brand new year of team building and corporate events to look forward to in 2013. Hoorah.

Our latest and cutting edge team-building creation is our iPad – Go Viral team building event which not only harnesses the user friendly benefits of working with Apple products – but allows our clients to roam around a city centre or location of their choice, filming fun and innovative HD videos that are unique to their companies (with learning objectives such as brand awareness, communication, collaboration and creativity) – edit them – and then pitch their footage to the other teams on our huge screen and 350watt PA system – the closest thing you’ll get to sitting in the cinema without popcorn!

Our iPad Go Viral team building event also has hidden benefits too – it doesn’t necessarily require the added cost of a venue – as quite often we can start and end the event in private bar areas.

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