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New Year’s resolutions – we’ve all made them. Whether it’s deciding to join the gym and actually use it this year, de-clutter the house or stick to your diet for longer than just New Year’s Day this time around, January 1st is a day designed for CHANGE.

But for all our good intentions and spirit, studies have shown that by January 10th most of us will have already given up our resolutions, a mere nine days after they were made, with three-quarters of 3,000 British admitting they were no longer confident they would stick to their promises for the rest of the month.

If you’re failing to see these changes through at home though, don’t let this be the case at work. Take the opportunity to really target the issues you may have with your team and challenge them to raise their game. Now we’re not talking a full-blown bloody boxing match to get the competitive side out of your team or making 2013 changes…instead instil a sense of healthy competition and determination in your employees Zing style with one of our team building corporate events-high on energy, high on fun.

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Learn more about your team and identify you workforce’s strengths by trying out our Head 2 Head team building event. An extremely competitive, frenzied and varied team challenge, Head 2 Head gives each team the opportunity to choose from our vast selection of activities from physical, cerebral, creative or the wonderfully wacky and go head to head with opposing teams one challenge at a time. If you’re left wanting more, why not motivate your team with a simple activity – a Golf Day or super-car racetrack day and let them know that hard work will always be rewarded.

If you vow anything this New Year, vow for a Zing team building event. Kick-start your success this year and try us out- it will be a New Year’s promise you’ll be glad to have kept!