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With a good couple of weeks away from the office, spending the majority of your time stuffing yourself with food and festive fun, going back to work after Christmas isn’t always the most exciting prospect. Are your employees bored and unmotivated? Drooling over your computer by 10am Monday morning? Never fear, as here at London based Zing Events we have the secret to beating that post-holiday blues to help spring your team into 2013.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to avoid that after Christmas lull into depression is by doing things that actually give you a cause to look forward to something. So why not invigorate your team and give them something to get excited about with one of our January kick-off team building events. Our Get in the Zone team building – corporate event means that whilst Christmas is over, the gifts just keep on giving. With 120 pages of vintage tasks and activities testing physical, mental, skill and creative capabilities, revive the thrill of Christmas and good old family fun, and your team will be left feeling energised and ready to
take on the working world once more. Or why not revitalise your team and get their engines going with a straight-talking super-car racetrack experience or Golf Day?

With a range of no-nonsense successful packages catering to any budget and that really aim to target the core skills for devising your perfect team, our teambuilding events are guaranteed to put a much needed smile on your employees face…and yours too!

Go on, book a teambuilding event with Zing Events and put some Zing back into your office!