Instant Quote

Lady Gaga became the first person on earth to reach 20 million Twitter followers this week. To put that in context, more people follow her than live in Holland.

She’s an Austria (8 million) ahead of the leader of the free world, Barack Obama – and she’s around 19.99 million ahead of @zingevents. We should perhaps stop tweeting pictures of Flemingo’s each time we run team building events at Kensington Roof Gardens and record a platinum album instead!

Twitter is an amazingly powerfull and brilliantly distracting tool at the same time. I found out Osama bin Laden had died through Twitter – now whenever someone is trending I immediately assume they’ve died – only to find out they’re on Loose Women.

There’s also a lot of hate on Twitter, anyone in the public eye will get death threats and insults – but I find it funny as it rarely comes from life’s high-achievers.

On a serious note, a good friend of mine from the events industry was telling me how he’s actually acquired a handful of clients via Twitter in 2012 alone. This was a provoking thought for us at Zing Events, as my last blog which focused on Vodafone’s marketing campaign had a massively positive impact and had a large amount of re-tweets.

It would seem that our industry goes hand-in-hand with Twitter and other social networks; perhaps more so than others.