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Organising a corporate team building event brings with it many challenges, and when the event is for a particularly large group these challenges can be even more defined. In this post, we’ll be advising anyone organising a large scale team building event on how to avoid logistical issues, which activities work best and which venues we recommend.


When planning a large scale corporate team building event it is usually best to go to venues used to dealing with large groups – they will have lots of parking, good catering facilities and indoor spaces with lots of room. If you are planning a conference as part of your away day then conference centres which offer raked seating can also be handy. We recommend hotels for large corporate team building activities, for example Theobald’s Park in Hertfordshire, as they are the most likely to have the necessary facilities. More out-of-the-box locations are obviously also available but will normally mean shopping around a lot more.


There are a huge variety of corporate team building activities on offer, and some of them work better for large groups than others. A couple of our favourites are Get In The Zone and Rollercoaster.

Get In The Zone is a team building event in which teams take part in over 100 different activities to collect points. The set-up of this activity makes it ideal for large groups as each member can all be contributing to the group at the same point. It all adds up to make an extremely exhilarating, fun large scale team building activity.

Rollercoaster is another activity that works particularly well for large groups. The large group is split into smaller teams who each create a part of a rollercoaster. At the end of the activity a ball must travel the full length of the rollercoaster and for bigger groups this can be a brilliant spectacle. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of one we did with 170 people.


The logistics of planning a team building event for a large group of people can be extremely complicated. For example if food is involved you will need to find out everyone’s dietary requirements and pass them on to the company. Even organising the teams and then passing the information on to the delegates so that they know which teams they belong to can be difficult. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan, and make all instructions crystal clear.

One of the major issues with a large scale corporate team building event which organisers often overlook is that everything simply takes a lot longer with a bigger group. The more people the longer it takes for them to form a circle, answer questions, settle down after a joke etc. Be sure to schedule in longer than you normally would for a smaller group team building activity.

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