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Development Activities for Individual and Team Development

Developing your members of staff as people is essential to the success of any business. The best companies in the UK continually invest in every member of their workforce, encouraging them to build new skills and find new, innovative ways of working. How do they do that? They place an emphasis on learning and development solutions. We provide development activities for clients in a wide range of sectors, and can help you unlock the potential in your team.

Learning and Development Activities

First of all – what does a learning and development workshop involve? Well, it is designed to improve group and individual performance. This is achieved by increasing and refining existing skills and knowledge, as well as introducing new techniques. These strategies are designed to align an individual goals with that of the group. It will also help them to bring their performance in line with the organisation’s overall vision – both for the present and the future.

The right style of team building professional development training will help you to retain the colleagues that have been integral to the success of your company, and will ensure that you have the talent you need for the future. If you have been looking for the best learning and development activities for employees, then you have come to the right place. Here at Zing Events, we have developed activities that will help the members of your workforce to grow and develop, both as individuals or together as a team.

Why Businesses Love Learning & Development Events

While our Team Building Activities are perfect for forging stronger relationships with our workmates, it is our tailored and accredited Learning and Development workshops that will teach us lots about ourselves and our colleagues. During a learning and development team workshop, participants will be delving a level deeper and focusing on very specific and targeted learning outcomes, along with any business challenges you may be facing.

Tailored Learning And Development Team Workshops

Here at Zing Events, we recognise that people all learn differently, which is why our workshops are a careful fusion of facilitated, classroom based learning methods combined with unique kinaesthetic experiences that provide a hands-on learning experience in which to observe behaviour and implement change. All of our events are tailored to the needs of each client, so you can be sure that yours will bring the best out of everyone.

Team Building Professional Development is an Investment in Your Staff

L&D activities are an investment in your workforce. Our portfolio of customised workshops are memorable learning experiences and provide true return-on-investment, not only providing attendees with newfound awareness of their strengths and clarity on their goals, but with new skill-sets that can be transferred back to the workplace with immediate effect.

Whether your current business need is to revisit your visions and values, and to pledge a commitment to the morals that are central to the way you do business – or whether the time is right to facilitate change in your organisation – we have tailored solutions that focus on adapting to changes which will evoke constructive communications amongst your team.

Our Learning and Development Solutions Help You to Spot Leaders

Perhaps the time is right in the journey of your team to identify stand-out talent and future leaders. We have the psychometric tools to highlight the outstanding individuals and the appropriate activities to develop their leadership abilities, from within a safe training environment. Whether you already have an individual in mind or you want to see who can stand up to the task, our learning and development activities will help to highlight who could be ready to step up to a more senior role.

Recognise Each Other’s Strengths With L&D Activities

We also have workshops that look to facilitate better communication through the understanding of how different personality types are actually a strength, and not a weakness. Our workshops also focus on how learning how to communicate more effectively is a strong grounding for team performance and cohesiveness. We delve into the characteristics of high performing teams, and encourage a forum of discussion about we can emulate these characteristics better. Equally, we pay attention to what strengths that we already have, that perhaps we have taken for granted.

Talk to Us About Our Learning and Development Activities For Employees

Regardless of your exact business challenges at this time, we’d relish the opportunity for one of our Learning and Development experts to further discuss the needs of your team with you. We’ll let you know just how our workshops can help participants to overcome obstacles that every team may face at some stage in their developmental journey.

Interested in how one of our learning and development activities could benefit your business? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re on hand to answer all of your questions and give you the information you need.

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