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Team Building Basildon

Team building has so many benefits, and yet there are still some businesses in Basildon who haven’t given it a go! Here at Zing Events, the home of the very best team building Basildon has to offer, you’ll find a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and evening events for you to take your pick from. We’ve spent a long time developing innovative, bold and most importantly, fun activities that are suited to teams of all sizes.

Gone are the days of the boring conference – it’s time to do team building the Zing way!

Indoor Basildon Team Building Events

For team building that can go ahead whatever the weather, you can’t get much better than one of our indoor events. We’re always refining and perfecting our activities, so you can count on a brilliant experience. If you’re looking for a chance to hone your skills in the kitchen, our Bake That or Cooking Up a Storm events could be perfect for you. Another popular activity is our Unite in Rhythm event, where you can make music together.

For the full list of our indoor events, please click here.

Outdoor Team Building in Basildon

Sometimes you just can’t beat a little fresh air and sunshine – and our outdoor events certainly deliver on that front. Well, the sunshine is always a little hard to guarantee, but that’s the UK weather for you! Our outdoor Basildon team building events include the Team Survival, Escape The Box, and the hugely popular iPad Filming.

Let’s get back to the weather for a second. Like we said, favourable conditions can be hard to guarantee. That’s why we always provide waterproof ponchos, and we’ll relocate you to an indoor venue if the weather really takes a turn for the worse.

Want to see more of our outdoor events? You can find the full list right here.

Evening Team Building Basildon

If you want to take your team building to the next level, then why not hold your event in the evening? Our evening events always feel like more of an occasion, and you have the added bonus of not losing any valuable working time. Some of our most popular evening events include our Cocktail Masterclass, Casino Evening, and the fun filled No Ordinary Quiz.

You can find all of our evening Basildon team building events right here.

How Could Team Building Help Your Staff?

Team building really can work wonders, but unfortunately a lot people think that it’s awkward or embarrassing. Our events are anything but – and have been designed to be enjoyable as well as effective. Here’s how they could help the workforce at your company thrive:

Improves Teamwork

Having a common goal to work towards will really help the members of your workforce to come together as a team. For the biggest impact, have people who do not normally work closely back in the office on teams together. They’ll really be able to learn something new from each other.

Helps You Identify Leaders

Behind every good team is a great leader – and team building can help you to spot who is suited to those kinds of roles. Our events are structured so that you can identify key strengths, and you’ll be able to see who is most comfortable taking on a leadership role and getting their team motivated.

Boosts Bonding

If your team haven’t really bonded, then they aren’t going to work well together. Working closely with each other will give them the chance to really get to know one and other, and outside the confines of a workspace people are much more open. So team building is a really good way to help build strong office bonds.

Lift Morale

Last but not least, our team building in Basildon can help to boost morale. Defined as ‘the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group’, morale is key to the success of a business. Regular team building will help to instil a really positive attitude into your workforce, leading to better results back in the office.

Where to Hold Your Event

We know that a great venue is what takes a team building event to the next level, and that’s why we’ve made our events fully portable. This means that they can be set up anywhere, leaving the decision about where to hold your event down to you. We can come to your office, or we can set things up in a local restaurant or bar that you all love. We’re able to fit out larger spaces too.

If you aren’t sure where to hold your event or what size venue would be most suitable, then please get in touch with a member of our team. Once you’ve told them a little more about you and your company, they’ll will be able to point you in the direction of an incredible local event location.

Our Past Clients

We are really proud to have worked with some of the largest, most influential companies in the UK. In fact, a number of our clients have not just a huge presence here, but all over the world too. We’ve worked with Sky, Harrods and Virgin Media to name just a few.

However, we are also really passionate about connecting with companies right here in Basildon. So if you are a local business or charity looking for the finest team building the area has to offer, then we’d be so happy to work with you. No team is too big or small for us, and our events are tailored to the needs of each client.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

If you want to experience the team building Basildon businesses love, then please reach out to us on or 0203 621 1080 today. A member of our team will answer all of your questions and give you all the advice that you need, allowing you to go ahead and book your event with total confidence. We always go the extra mile to help our clients get the most out of team building, and we can’t wait to see how much one of our events could help you.

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