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Are you looking for a new kind of team building? Events that are fun, ground-breaking and really help you to get the most out of your team? Then it’s time to say goodbye to boring activities held in soulless locations and say hello to team building with a little, well, Zing! Here at Zing Events, we have developed the team building Harlow businesses just can’t get enough of. No matter the size of your team, no matter your sector, we’ll put together an event that brings out the best in everyone.

Indoor Team Building in Harlow

Our indoor events are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. They can be held anywhere, no matter the weather, and there is such a wide range to choose from. If you have a few budding cooks in your team, then let them prove their skills by taking part in the Perfect Pizza event. If you want to unleash your inner detectives, then you could always take part in our Crime Scene Investigation activity, which has been hugely popular with our clients since we first introduced it.

For the entire list of our indoor Harlow team building events, click here.

Outdoor Harlow Team Building

If you are in need of fresh air, some open space and excitement, then outdoor team building in Harlow could be ideal for you. Just like our indoor events, you’ll find a wide range for you to take your pick from. Two of our most popular outdoor events are the Soap Box Derby and Garden Games, both of which allow you to indulge in the activities you loved as kids.

We know that the weather can be unpredictable. That’s why we’re always supplied with waterproof ponchos, and in the event of very bad weather we will change your event to an indoor activity.

If you want to see the full list of our outdoor activities, then click here.

The Best Evening Team Building Activities To Take Part In

If you don’t want to lose valuable working time, then why not hold your team building event in the evening? Then you won’t lose out on any business or have to play catch up the next time you are all back in the office. Our evening events have a real sense of grandeur and occasion, and you can take your pick from activities including Musical Zingo, Factor X, and the hugely popular Zing Show.

It doesn’t stop there! We have many more evening events for you to choose from, and they can all be found here.

Benefits of Team Building

Team building isn’t a splurge – it’s an investment. There are so many benefits associated with it, and if you work with us, you’ll be taking part in the best team building Harlow has to offer. Here’s how it can help your team:

Boosts Creativity

If you’re delivering the same product or service as your competitors, then how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Creative thinking is essential in the workplace, and luckily for you our events are the perfect way to help the members of your team develop those skills and start thinking outside of the box.

Improves Communication

Good communication is vital to the success of a company. Whether your team have only just started working together or have been doing so for a long time, team building will help to break down barriers in communication, and will also help them to better use both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

Reinforce Your Company Culture

Team building days can help to reinforce the key messages and values of your business, helping to strengthen the overall organisational culture. Sometimes an event can even help you to develop and evolve a culture, so it could really work wonders for your business.

Builds Trust

If your team are going to work well together, they need to be able to trust each other. A team building event is the perfect way to build this. Participants will get to learn a lot about each other, including strengths and weaknesses. This will help them to build deeper relationships, leading to higher levels of trust.

Our Past Clients

Here at Zing Events, we have worked with a wide variety of clients. Since we started bringing our team building events to companies at the start of 2012, we have forged strong relationships with over 60 of the FTSE 150. Our clients include Facebook and Google; and we have also worked with the NHS, the largest employer in the UK.

However, we’re not just here to work with big businesses. We’re passionate about helping smaller, independent companies and charities in Harlow to get the most out of their teams too. Whether you have been in business for a long time or you’ve just got a team together and want them to really gel before a launch, we have you covered.

Where to Hold Your Harlow Team Building Event

All of our Harlow team building events are fully portable, and can be set up in the location of your choice. We can come to your office, so you can experience one of our team building activities in familiar surroundings. We can also put everything together at a local bar or restaurant, or maybe a function space at a nearby hotel.

If you’re not sure where to hold your event, we’ll be able to help. Thanks to working in and around Harlow, we’re bound to have a few recommendations for you. So if you’re feeling a little stuck, relax, and we’ll be able to advise you.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about our team building in Harlow, then please do get in touch with us on or 0203 621 1080 today. One of our friendly advisors will be able to give you all the information that you need, and we’ll be able to arrange an event at a time and place that’s perfectly suited to you and everyone on your team.

We can’t wait to work with you, and we are so excited for you to reap all the rewards of team building!

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