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If you want to boost morale in your workplace, then one of our great team building events could be the answer to your problems. We are Zing Events, and our activities are the team building Southend clients love. Over the years, we have worked hard to develop team building events that truly break the mould. No more dull, awkward afternoons in uninspiring venues. No, you’re about to experience a whole new kind of team building…

Indoor Team Building Events

If you don’t want to have to factor the ever-changing weather into your plans, then one of our Southend team building events could be just right for you. We’ve developed such a wide range of events, so there is bound to be one that is just the right fit for your team. Two of our most popular events right now are Mexican Railway, where you can test your engineering skills, and Conference Energisers, which helps you to pepper your company conference with fun events.

Want to know more? Check out all of our indoor events here.

Outdoor Team Building in Southend

If you want to get outdoors and breathe in some of that bracing Essex seaside air, we’ll be right there with you. A number of our events are suitable for outdoor participation, including our Back to School, Garden Games and GPS Treasure Hunt Explorer activities.

We do have plans in place in the event of bad weather. If it’s just a case of a light shower, then we’ll provide you and your team with waterproof ponchos. However, if the bad weather is severe, we’ll relocate you all to an indoor venue.

If you want to see more of our outdoor events, then click here.

Evening Team Building

If you want to turn your team building activity into a real occasion, then one of our evening events could be just what you are looking for. Our Murder Mystery event is a really popular choice with our clients, who can unleash their inner sleuths for an evening. If crime fighting isn’t really your scene, then why not try our No Ordinary Quiz event or enjoy a classic game show format as you attempt to conquer the Generation Game.

There’s far more evening team building events to discover – see the full list here.

How Team Building Can Help Your Business

If you have never taken part in a high quality team building event, it’s all too easy to dismiss those kinds of activities as awkward and a part of corporate culture everyone would rather forget. Well, that’s not the kind of team building that we offer. Our events can really change a workforce for the better.

Boost Confidence

Do you have individuals in your team who just need a little bit of persuading to come out of their shells? By taking part in team building, your staff members will be able to develop their skills in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. This is one of the best ways to build confidence, and you’re sure to notice the difference back in the office.

Helps Team Members to Bond

If you want to bring your workers closer together, team building could be the answer. Bonding is important, as it will lead to better camaraderie and higher levels of trust in the office. Team building is the ideal way to kickstart this, as people can learn about each other and find new reasons to respect each other, all while having lots of fun.

Drive Up Productivity

A team building event is a sure-fire way to boost productivity amongst the members of your workforce. During one of our events, your team members will need to work hard, keep their eyes on the clock and push themselves that little bit harder to beat their competitors. This is a mindset that they will bring back to the office, driving up results in the process.

Identify Strengths

If you want to be sure that everyone is in the right role, then one of our team building events could help you to put any doubts to rest or make the changes that you need to. During an activity, you’ll notice that individuals naturally fall into certain roles – some thrive when it comes to creativity, others are good at planning, while some are natural leaders.

Who We’ve Worked With

Here at Zing Events, we have an impressive portfolio of past clients. Since we started bringing our innovative team building events to companies in 2012, we have worked with over half of the FTSE 100. Some of our most impressive clients include Facebook, Google, 3, and Sky. We have also worked with the UK’s biggest employer: the NHS.

As you can see, we have a proven track record when it comes to large companies. However, we are just as keen to hear from smaller, independent businesses in Southend. No team is too small for us to take care of, after all.

Where to Hold Your Team Building Event

As our events are fully mobile and can be set up anywhere, they can be enjoyed in a multitude of different locations. Some of our clients like us to host events in their office space, while some like to get out of the workplace and enjoy team building in restaurants, hotels and suitable outdoor locations.

If you are ever stuck for inspiration when it comes to deciding on where to hold your Southend team building event, we’ll put our local knowledge to good use and point you in the right direction.

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Are you interested in the best team building Southend has to offer? Then be sure to get in touch with us today. Interest in our events is high right now, so we recommend booking your sooner rather than later. That way you and your team can reap all the rewards of our events. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be able to get the ball rolling in no time at all.

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