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It is easy to see from the various ‘best of 2014’ posts and yearly roundups that are appearing across the media that 2014 is drawing to a close. There are only 20 days until Christmas, and 26 until the New Year!
For most businesses this means everyone is frantically trying to organise their busy festive workloads whilst also preparing for Christmas as home, and looking forward to when the holidays begin and they can fall exhaustedly onto the sofa and stay there until January.

So what can you do to make sure that when employees do return in January they do so full of energy, enthusiasm and sharing the same positive mindset?

A team building activity to kick off the New Year works perfectly to fulfil these goals and also shake off the January blues that inevitably start to descend early on in the year.

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For example if you wanted to emphasise that to make the new year work you have to work together as a team you could chose one of our collaborative team building activities. Urban Art, a team building activity in which groups work together to create an exciting piece of artwork that you can then keep forever is perfect for getting people communicating and problem solving in a relaxed, enjoyable way.

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If your aim is to simply shake up the group and infuse them with energy then a competitive team building activity such as Get In The Zone is fantastic.
Creative team building activities are also excellent at getting imaginations switched on. If you work in a creative industry, investing in a corporate team building activity such as Factor X or the Chocolate Challenge can really benefit you by warming up brains that an excess of festive drinking have made a little sluggish!

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