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Motivate your team this Monday by…

Reminding them that there are no bad ideas!

This well used statement is one that has caused controversy at brainstorming meetings in businesses worldwide, and it’s likely you’ve probably questioned its validity yourself at some point or another. Bad ideas do, of course, exist. However there are many reasons why giving the ‘no bad ideas’ mantra the benefit of the doubt is important to improve overall motivation levels. It is vital to suspend judgment on your colleagues’ ideas (at least for a while) to foster a sense of community and remind your employees that no matter what their level in the company is, their ideas are still important.

If a team member’s ideas are always shouted down, or they simply never receive the opportunity to add their thoughts to the mix, this will clearly lead them to lack the motivation to think creatively and use their initiative when problem solving.

A fantastic way to inspire all levels of employee to become more enterprising in their work and to prove to them that their ideas are worthwhile is to take part in a team building activity where the group must work together to come up with a new product and or business plan.

For example, at Zing Events we have found that activities such as the Chocolate Challenge are ideal for fostering this enterprising atmosphere.

In the Chocolate Challenge teams must first create a completely new chocolate product and accompanying brand and business plan. They then pitch this idea to our tongue-in-cheek Alan Sugar-style tycoon who judges how well they have conceived their idea. The Apprentice and our Cooking Events also follow a similar structure and make ideal team building events for increasing levels of motivation.

In this new atmosphere, where levels of authority are broken down, and no-one is an expert in the area in which they are being challenged, new ideas will be encouraged to flow forward from all team members.

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