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Using our unique GPS App which works on a Google Maps interface and the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets, our City Explorer takes you on a magical mystery tour around your chosen city whilst enabling you to enjoy a fun event with your colleagues and friends whilst seeing the sites. The world is your oyster!

Treasure Hunts that are sexy! | Team Building Activities from Zing Events
The challenge is to locate the GPS ‘hotspots’ and navigate around the city to crack the clues, complete the challenges and earn as many points as possible. Only when your GPS verifies that you are in exactly the right location will your team be able to activate the hotspot and attempt the challenge!

A live scoreboard, penalty points for incorrect answers and exciting timed challenges add a real-time competitive twist to this game; a great way to get out and about to experience some great cities in an interesting and fun way.

Looking for a different twist to your event?  Then why not add in a Vintage Routemaster Bus or Black Cab and complete the event in style?

Check out the cheesy video!