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Team Survival Overview

Welcome to the ultimate team survival activity. Inspired by all things survival, think Bear Grylls meets SAS: Who dares wins. Teams will be faced with challenges that will test their physical and mental resolve but with strong leadership and a unified team these will be able to be overcome. Will your team thrive or just survive?

How Does it Work?

The activity starts with an introduction from our presenter. Depending on how you would like the event delivered they can take on the role of a survival expert or drill sergeant.

It’s then into the first energiser which is for the team to form a giant SOS out of all team members and then an aerial photo will be taken of the group. A great keepsake of the day.

The group is then split into teams of roughly 8 delegates. This will be your team and we encourage these to be formed of a variety of different personality types and physical abilities.Then it’s time to tackle the challenges. These will range from crossing a hypothetical river with limited equipment, communicating to half of your team using only signal flags and a decipher code or constructing a base camp. All activities will be completed in a head to head fashion meaning that throughout your event you will interact with all members of the group. On each activity the teams will appoint a leader who will take charge and brief the rest of their team on the activity (these roles will swap between each activity). This encourages communication, leadership, teamwork and logical thinking under pressure.

While teams take part in the activity our instructors will complete a points sheet ,these will score each teams leadership and teamwork based on a 10 point system. This gives great feedback at the end of the event as to how each team performed.

At the end of the activity we collate all of the feedback and points before giving a debrief and announcing the winning team.


This activity can last between 2-3 hours to fit your agenda

  • Introduction to the activity by your live charismatic event host
  • Group split into smaller teams of 6-8 participants
  • Expert guidance from our Event Team throughout
  • Teams collaborate to overcome a variety of survival scenarios
  • Each scenario is judged on a teams ability to work together
  • Wrap up and winners announced, prizes awarded.

What do we provide

  •       A professional host who’ll set the scene and give you some hints and tips along the way.
  •       Event manager… your main point of contact on the day ensuring the smoothest of event deliveries.
  •       Experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the games.
  • Petrol generators to power our AV – we don’t need access to electricity.
  •       Equipment… quality kit with a survival/military theme
  •        Prizes… the winning team gets the much-coveted Zing medals and of course any additional prizes you want to add.

What do you need to provide

  • An outdoor space, large enough to provide space for a variety of activities
  • Wear suitable footwear and attire

Images of Team Survival in Action

Watch the Event in Action

Key Benefits For Your Team

Logical thinking
Discover your natural Leaders
Observing personality types

Return on Investment

£39.99 per Person*
£1499* Set Up Fee**
*All Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate *Set Up Cost is Charged Per Activity Booked *Travel included to venues within a 100 mile radius of HQ/£45p* a mile thereafter

Activity Facts

We run it for groups of 8 – 500+
Recommended to last for 3 hours
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