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Einstein once said that the “definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Congratulations to Pimms who had a completely new and innovative idea to kick-starting the British Summer of 2012 by constructing the worlds largest ever red and white striped deckchair on Bournemouth beach. Simply the most quintessentially British Summer object.   At a whopping 8.5metres tall and 5.5metres wide and a weight of 6 tonnes – this is one deckchair that refused to blow over.

With a Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics all in London this Summer, its sure to be memorable!  For this exact reason, at Zing Events we have been creating new-and-original team building events that harness all of the excitement and good spirit which is already building with these great events in the calendar.

‘The Olympian’ challenge is a bespoke event packed full of challenges especially for 2012. A celebration of all things Olympic with a task book that has been graphically designed in the style of a vintage sports scrap book to capture that feel of heritage.

Zing Events Olympic Team Building Event
‘The Zing Show’ is the first evening entertainment production of its type, with quick-fire rounds of trivia and current affairs, with the option of stand-up comedy and live music. Hosted by the events industry’s finest presenter.