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Who would of predicted it? Played 3 – lost 3. It’s hard to understand how a team of players who have achieved domestic success’ with their representative clubs have failed to connect and generate that ‘spark’ we all expected.

On paper leading up to the European Championships, Holland were ranked 3rd in the world after their 2010 World Cup heroics in South Africa. How the mighty have fallen…

Squad members have spoken out and slammed the changing room attitude, and added that there were too many ego’s.

It goes to show just how important the relationships are between high performing individuals; we often see lesser teams outperforming higher ranked teams as they harness the importance of team spirit and work for each other. Take Greece for example in Euro 2004 , who were ranked outsiders at 80/1 yet went on to lift the trophy with a team of relatively unheard of players. It shows anything is possible.

Team building in athletics and sports teams is on the increase;  London Irish RFC are a perfect example, as they regularly enjoy team functions – as bizarre as having a water fight on sunny day. Coaching staff have contributed much of their success to the attitude and close friendships of the squad members, which is most evident on a match-day when the players work ‘with’ each other – but most importantly ‘for’ each other.

At Zing Events, we don’t for one moment expect you to plan a water fight with your colleagues, but do believe our vast array of events are both unique and original – and aid relationships within teams. Our events are not old fashioned concepts that breed ‘awkwardness’, but a platform to work together in an different scenario to the norm, where there is no visible hierarchy yet the opportunity to showcase new skills and have FUN.