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Easy Team Building Activities For Remote Employees During Covid-19

With the sudden arrival of Covid-19 in to our lives, our workforces have quickly had to adapt to new ways of working; with the majority of us now working from Home for the foreseeable.

Businesses now need to find an effective solution to keep staff focused and engaged whilst working from home, as well as keeping wellness and the mental health of their colleagues at the forefront.

Zing Events have created an innovate team activity app that allows remote team interaction, prevents people feeling isolated and has been designed to focus on boosting morale and creating a ‘feel good’ factor within the workforce.

We know that keeping your team motivated remotely can be a challenging task, and in order to be successful over the coming months we must look for new ways to engage remote employees.

Zing Events remote team building activities are fun, engaging, interactive and creative – and are fantastic outlets to let your employees know that their wellness and mental health is at the forefront of your business.

What is virtual team building?

When it comes to working in an office, it’s quite easy for employees to collaborate and work together to help push a business forward. We can communicate easily, discuss ideas and just walk across an office to approach a colleague. But when it comes to employees working from home, it can be hard to keep a team engaged and collaborating effectively with other team members.

So how can you bridge the virtual gap and bring your team together?

Well, the best solution to help establish good working relationships whilst employees are working from home is to introduce remote team activities to help keep everyone proactive, build viable relationships and provide an atmosphere of trust and support.

Our App has been designed to do just that- ensuring that we are helping businesses combat loneliness, improve mental health, whilst bringing remote teams together.

Build a virtual team culture with virtual activities and games

As the Coronavirus has forced many businesses to close its doors and work remotely for the foreseeable, people may experience feeling ‘out of the loop’ and detached from everyone else. So, to combat remote teams having low morale and to stop them from feeling disconnected from the rest of the workforce, we have introduced a number of fun remote team building activities for you to enjoy!

Zing Events are proud to introduce three of our most popular virtual team building activities; Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Cocktail Making and Virtual Italian Cooking Class!

All of our team building games for remote workers are jam packed with fun and entertaining elements, and they really encourage competitiveness, excellent communication and strong teamwork.

To find out more about each individual remote team building activity, please just click on your desired activity for detailed information where you can find out the key benefits for your team taking part in them, alongside what’s included, how many people can participate and what resources are required.

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What is virtual team building?

During Covid 19 Outbreak, Remote working will soon be classed as ‘the norm’. virtual team building is a method used to bring isolated teams together and create a virtual work environment which is engaging, creative and productive. virtual team building will allow the whole team to continue to interact with one another, and create meaningful relationships which will help the business to thrive.

All companies are different, and as a result the events that are best for each company will vary too. If you decide to work with us for your virtual team building event, then you are putting yourself in the best possible position for success. We have a wide range of events that we are refining and adding to, so you will be able to choose one that is just right for you and your remote team.

Remember, each event is further tailored to the needs and requirements of each team. So whatever one you pick, we’ll make sure that it is the perfect fit.

Yes, it does! If you are all working from home, it can be difficult to continue to foster that same sense of connection that you had with your colleagues back in the office. A remote team building event allows you to all see and hear one and other, and spend time collaborating and connecting with each other again.

Taking part in regular virtual team building activities has been shown to have a really positive impact on a team’s performance, both individually and when working together. If you have any questions about the effectiveness of our virtual team building, please get in touch.

We promise to put together an activity that is fun for everyone. We’ve taken all of our experience running some of the most fun-filled in person activities and use it to develop some of the most innovative and enjoyable virtual activities in the team building sector.

All events are led by real experts in their field, and their energy, positivity, and enthusiasm really is infectious. Whatever you may have heard about team building in the past, you won’t be able to help yourself from really getting into the spirit of things and having a great time – that’s the Zing Events guarantee.

The physical distance of remote working can quickly turn into emotional distance, so it’s important for employers to create a comfortable team culture to help build on the communication, creativity and collaboration of the workforce. Our virtual team building activities are fun, engaging and exciting – something which is very important for a happy workforce!

With the help of Zing Events, of course! Our virtual team building activities are fun, engaging and cost-effective, and will help your remote team to bond and collaborative with each other virtually!

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