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Finding the right venue for a team building activity can be a very difficult task, constricted by issues of budget, group size, location and activity type. To help you out we’ve put together a two-part guide to choosing the sourcing the best possible venue for your next corporate team building activity.

Firstly, work your way through this comprehensive checklist to ensure you’ve considered all the different elements when selection your team building event venue:
(To download this checklist as a PDF Click Here >  ULTIMATE VENUE SOURCING CHECKLIST)

smallcheckbox   Is it a short enough distance from the delegates’ workplace
smallcheckbox   Does it have good enough transport links that people can arrive using public transport if they wish?
smallcheckbox   Does it have a large enough parking capacity?
smallcheckbox   Does it have the facilities for haulage vehicles?

smallcheckbox   Is the space large enough for the amount of people taking part?
smallcheckbox   Is the space large enough for the required table set up (e.g. cabaret, classroom, boardroom etc)
smallcheckbox   Is the space fully exclusive / separated from the rest of the venue?
smallcheckbox   Is there an outdoor space if required?
smallcheckbox   Are the outdoor and indoor spaces easily accessible to each other?

smallcheckbox   Does the venue have the facilities for those with disabilities?
smallcheckbox   Does the venue have the facilities to provide lunch/dinner/tea & coffees
smallcheckbox   Does the venue have distinct staff/supplier entrances?
smallcheckbox   Does the venue provide a projector/screens/other electrical equipment?

smallcheckbox   Is the venue within budget?
smallcheckbox   Does the venue offer any special offers?
smallcheckbox   Have the venue fostered a relationship with a particular events company? (if so you may be able to acquire a cheaper rate)

smallcheckbox   Is the venue suitable to the feel of activity?
smallcheckbox   What is the lighting/decoration like in the venue?
smallcheckbox   Is it a venue that the delegates will have visited before?

smallcheckbox   Is the venue available on the day of your event?
smallcheckbox   Is there ample time surrounding the event for set-up and pack-down?
smallcheckbox   Is there the availability for a site visit if you require one?

If you are having trouble sourcing a venue (or simply don’t have the time) then let us at Zing Events find one for you. We have a huge database of venues across the UK and are always look for new and interesting venues to share with our clients Whether your next event is in Manchester or Essex, Bristol or Aberdeen, we can source a brilliant venue for you.

Alternatively, if you’ve got the venue and it’s the team building activity you need, we have that covered too. Take a look at our website to see the extensive range of competitive, collaborative, creative and bespoke team building activities we offer.

Call us on 0203 621 1080, email us at or follow us @zingevents for more information!