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A poorly delivered staff conference can have a negative impact on the morale of your employees, when in fact you’re trying to achieve the opposite!

Without the addition of carefully choreographed team building activities, engaging energisers or an enigmatic keynote speaker, you may find that your delegates criticise the day for being “death-by-PowerPoint”, “chalk-and-talk”, or – a particular favourite of ours – is “analysis-paralysis”.

All of our staff conference energiser ideas can be pulled together into bespoke packages for our clients. They are devised with your timings, your industry and your learning objectives at the heart of them. We will only ever get as involved in your conference energiser activity ideas as you want us to – whether that is a kick-off for 20 minutes at the start of your event, or several strategically placed short-and-sharp sessions throughout the day, we can deliver a programme that leaves every single delegate re-energised and refreshed mentally and physically.

Furthermore, if you would require a Master-of-Ceremonies to lead your conference and string the various components of the day together, you can rest assured that our event presenters are the very best in the business.

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