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Looking outside at the hail and gloomy skies, summer might still feel a long way away, but in terms of planning a corporate summer away day or summer party, it’s not all that far to go! To help with what can be the mammoth task of planning a company-wide summer team building event, we’ve got some great activity ideas, as well as a checklist of things to make sure you definitely done in preparation.

The first team building activity we’d recommend for an outdoor summer team building event is the multi activity day. The great thing about this option is that it provides something for everyone, as well as bringing back that childlike excitement of being at a school fete, where there’s a huge selection of different activities to choose from.

You can choose anything from clay pigeon shooting, using hovercrafts, climbing walls and from over 30 different inflatables! You’re sure to have some great pictures afterwards, and if you want to get employee’s families involved then this one is a great one for kids to get involved in too!

If you fancy something a little more relaxed, how about a Quintessentially English selection of lawn games? Can you imagine anything more relaxing than croquet in the sunshine with a bottle of pimms? You can either get competitive with an organised round of games where scores are tallied up at the end of the day and one team pronounced victorious, or it can be a relaxed affair where everyone plays as much as they want – just for fun.

If neither of these takes your fancy, take a look at our full list of summer outdoor team building activities.

And in case this is your first time planning a summer outdoor team building event or summer corporate party, here’s a checklist of things to make absolutely sure you’ve prepared:

checkbox2(1)Organised a wet weather option
checkbox2(1)Made sure there is enough shade available
checkbox2(1)Made sure there will be a large supply of cold drinks
checkbox2(1)Made sure you have checked with the local council if using fireworks or playing loud music late into the evening
checkbox2(1)Provided activity options for all ages/interests

If you’d like to get in touch about any of our summer outdoor team building activities, or any other team building ideas don’t hesitate to: