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With the academic year well underway, it’s easy to just carry on with your well-established routine. However, shaking things up and investing in some team building events for the children at your school could have a lot of benefits. Team building helps children to become more confident, organised and able to work well with others – all of which are essential for a happy and successful working life! Team building is also hugely beneficial for teachers.

What Will Team Building Help Children With?


If you have noticed that some children haven’t come out of their shells, then team building for kids could be the perfect thing to fill them with confidence. They’ll complete tasks in a fun, nurturing environment that’s totally free of any pressure – the perfect antidote to the classroom. They’ll be encouraged to participate and share their ideas, and by the end of the activity they’ll have plenty of newfound self-esteem.


Friendships are what turn time at school from a good time into a brilliant experience. To ensure that classmate’s bond as quickly as possible, look into our team building games for kids. Children will have to work together to complete the task that they have been set, and they will quickly start chatting and feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. It’s amazing how a common goal can bring people together, and that’s exactly what school team building does.


Having fun in the classroom is one thing, but getting kids to focus when they need to is something else entirely! Luckily, team building can instil focus and a strong classroom work ethic into kids. During a team building event they will have to listen to instructions and then get to work on an age appropriate task, and then afterwards they can put those techniques to work back in the classroom. That’s why teachers love team building for children.


When Is the Perfect Time for Team Building?

The start of term is the ideal time to get started with team building. Children are coming back to school after some time off, and they may need a little help adjusting back to a classroom environment. In addition to that, they may be meeting some new classmates, and forging friendships early on will help children to thrive both in the classroom and the playground. So start planning your team building right now for the New Year – and if you’re really looking ahead, for the new school year in 2020!

Are Your Team Building Events Suitable for Teachers?

Our team building events aren’t just great for kids – they’re perfect for their teachers too! Team building events help teaching staff to work as a team, identify key individual strengths and effectively plan their lessons. As our team building events are held in a wide range of locations, you’re sure to be able to arrange an activity that all teachers can attend. Many schools find that team building for teachers is so effective, they make it a regular occurrence.

What Are the Best Team Building Events for Children?

The best team building games for children are ones that allow them to hone their creative and problem solving skills. The key is to allow them to have fun doing something that they wouldn’t normally get to explore in the classroom. Our Urban Art activity is perfect for kids to channel their creativity, and our Escape The Box team building activity encourages logical thinking and problem solving while encouraging them to work as ‘one’ team.


How Many Children Can Attend A Team Building Event?

Here at Zing Events, we are able to provide team building activities for kids and teachers for groups of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you want to involve a small group of teachers or an entire school year of children – we are able to create bespoke team building events for groups of all sizes. No job is too big or too small for us. Just get in touch, and we’ll start working on putting together an event that’s ideally suited to the number of attendees.

What Happens in Bad Weather?

If there is one thing that we can’t control, it is the great British weather. We wish that we could – but our care and commitment in the event of inclement weather is the next best thing! If you choose one of our outdoor activities such as our Soap Box Derby, we’ll provide each team with their own gazebo that ask as their very own F1 pit stop. If the bad weather is very severe, then we’ll do our best to find an indoor location to hold the event in instead.

Can Team Building Help with Stress?

There’s growing evidence to suggest that team building can help with stress. School can come with lots of pressure to succeed academically and socially, particularity for older children. The good news is that team building activities for children can teach them how to manage their time effectively and prioritise tasks. This will work wonders when it comes to homework, revision and exams – three major sources of stress for schoolkids. It can also help teachers to feel more confident in managing their workload.


What Makes Your Team Building Events Different?

Our team building events are innovative and inclusive. We’ve worked hard to break away from the stereotypically awkward and embarrassing team events. Gone are the days of sitting in a hall having to take part in activities that are neither useful nor stimulating. Our events will challenge and inspire kids, support staff and teachers which will allow them to really push themselves and succeed in the classroom. Our activities are suitable for all ages.

Who Leads Your Team Building Events?

Our school team building activities are led by experts who have plenty of experience in the field. They will encourage everyone to participate, and they’ll offer support and guidance when needed. They have a real passion for team building and will go above and beyond to make the experience as fun and memorable as possible. It can be hard to keep a child entertained for long, but our team building event leaders manage to do so with style. Teachers are sure to be impressed by them as well, and may even be inspired to introduce some of their techniques back in the classroom!

Interested? Then Get in Touch

We’re here to help you plan an unforgettable team building activity for kids or teachers – all you need to do is contact us! With our years of experience and passion for helping people to bring out the best in themselves, we’re the perfect company to help you get the most out of the students and teachers at your school this year.