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With a year celebrating all things British with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the wonderful sporting success of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, London has become the city that everyone is talking about, the city that has come to symbolize 2012.

One thing that really got us talking throughout the year was just how well our nation responded by becoming a team. So what better way to celebrate the glory of our victories by honoring the teamwork behind it all? As an ode to our achievements, here at London based Zing Events our team building exercises and corporate event packages are just the activities needed to share a slice of the team spirit our country’s capital has thrived on this year.

Explore the city of London and build your own A-team with our sexy GPS Treasure hunt…using the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets the aim is to locate the GPS ‘hotspots’ and navigate around the city to crack clues, complete the challenges and earn as many points as possible. Only when your GPS verifies that you are in exactly the right location will your team be able to activate the hotspot and attempt the challenge! With a live scoreboard tracking your team’s every move and success, team building competition is taken to the next level.

Capitalize on our nations newfound admiration for ‘the team’ book a team-building event with Zing Events!