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We hear team building horror stories from time-to-time; somebody was telling me a Director (who was passionate about sailing) had organised and booked his whole team to venture out on a sailing excursion without having asked if anybody would enjoy such a trip. Needless to say, 5 cases of sea-sickness and several cases of frost-bite later, the trip went down very badly with this team!
Zing have created a fantastic team building activity called Get in the Zone; it is a competitive team building game that has something-for-everyone; the 120 individual tasks are divided into Physical, Mental, Skill and Creative zones, and the aim of the game is to complete as many tasks as possible in a set amount of time. Many of the tasks require teams to challenge one another, in a wide variety of nostalgic activities such as the Nintendo Gameboy challenge, Hockey dribble and Stretch Armstrong to name but a few!
Oh – did we mention that our task book has been graphically designed in the style of a vintage Marvel comic? We are bang on trend and our clients LOVE IT!


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