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Two weeks ago Zing began a tour of our team building event locations across the UK, sharing with you a little bit about each place, the venues we work with there, and the corporate team building activities we put on in them. Today we’ve moved on from Nottingham and arrived into Manchester!

One of Zing’s favourite venues for team building Manchester is the Macdonald Townhouse.

The Macdonald Townhouse is a converted cotton warehouse which has recently undergone a £3.5 million makeover to become an incredibly stylish, comfortable sanctuary situated right in the heart of the city. It’s central location makes it a perfect venue to shop, go out and to run team building events from.

Manchester is a city of multiplicity. It houses three universities, is the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe and there are countless landmark buildings dotted around the city.

A great way to see the city whilst bonding with your colleagues is to take part in a GPS treasure hunt team building activity!

Zing’s GPS treasure hunts use a unique GPS app that works on a Google Maps interface and the latest Samsung Galaxy tablets or Ipad Minis. You will then able to go on an exciting mystery tour around Manchester (or any other city), seeing the sites alongside your colleagues.


To make the GPS treasure hunt more of a competitive team building activity there is an interactive scoreboard showing how your team is getting on, as well as an interactive map showing your and other teams’ locations.

To find out more about the GPS treasure hunt, one of our most popular team building events watch the video here.

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Whilst wandering around Manchester we spotted rude place names Tounge Street and Ramsbottom Lane. Worthy offerings but not quite up there with Six Mile Bottom.