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There is no other time of the year like the run up to Christmas for most businesses . Customers rise in confidence, economic prospects improve and the opportunities are endless!

‘The happiest time of year’ is the time when companies can expect sales to soar. For example ASOS saw a 38% rise in sales in the pre-Christmas period last year, whilst John Lewis noted an 11% rise in2013. These business opportunities apply to companies small as well as large, with a recent survey from Lloyds Banking Group showing that two fifths of small businesses that prepare well for the run up to Christmas expect to reap significant reward from the increased customer demand.

However as sales rise, workloads do similarly, which can leave employees with a case of ‘festive burnout’ over the holiday period. Research carried out by AXA PPP healthcare last year found that 69% of employees expected their workload to increase significantly in the period before Christmas and that stress and exhaustion-induced sickness was a common occurrence at this time of year.

Hence the Christmas period is the ideal time to organise some Christmas team building or a Christmas corporate party to relax, let off some steam and show employees just how much they are appreciated.

Zing offers many different evening team building events that are ideal for getting your team members re-energised and laughing.


Why not try a Generation Game or The Zing Show? The Generation Game is an evening team building activity that gives you quick fire rounds of a huge variety of games, and is topped off with the iconic conveyor belt round. And if one game show isn’t enough for you try the Zing Show – the ultimate game show mash up. A high energy night fronted by the best in the business, this  corporate team building event can be made totally bespoke to your company.

(Watch a video of The Zing Show in action HERE)

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