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Generation Game Team Building Activity

The Generation Game Overview

The classic Generation Game show format gets the Zing treatment in an engaging team building activity that could reveal your teams’ many hidden talents. From origami creations to the old ‘pulling the table cloth’ trick, teams follow the tuition of experts before making an attempt for points. The Generation Game is fun, energising and retro, but it’s got a uniquely a modern twist; you might even learn a new skill along the way!

How does the Generation Game team building activity work?

Our Generation Game team building activity places teams at tables before building the anticipation with the Generation Game theme tune. The host enters and explains the history of the show supported by video clips from the game’s glory days, which is useful for international groups or those ‘too young to remember’!

The format of the Generation Game is explained, and the first few rounds are full of fast paced, energising activities. Then the main event starts! There are around 20 team building activities in total, and the timings will dictate how many will be completed, ranging from 2 to 20 minutes in total. Some rounds involve volunteer activities and others involve the entire team.

Some of the games you will get to play include:

Limbo dancing – As hilarious as you might imagine!

Shopping channel host – Do you have the gift of the gab?

Bin bag fashion – as seen on the original Generation Game, where teams dress two team members in the latest bin bag couture before ‘working it’ down the catwalk to ‘Girls on Film’

Teams will continue to gain points until the finale – yes, the conveyor belt! We recreate the most famous of TV memory tests in our own unique way, and you’ll certainly find a few cuddly toys thrown in for good measure…

Included in your Generation Game team building activity

Game Show Host – A professional host who will keep the energy levels high throughout the event

Event Manager – Your main point of contact on the day, who is on hand to ensure the smoothest of event deliveries

Experienced and knowledgeable crew – Here to help facilitate the games and get the competitive juices flowing

Equipment – Full AV equipment, including music, will be supplied throughout the event

Prizes – The winning team get the much-coveted Zing medals and of course any additional prizes you want to add for your team!

Bespoke audio-visual presentation – round off your Generation Game team building activity with a branded corporate presentation that ties the whole experience together.

Desperate to learn more about our team building Generation Game? We’d love to hear from you. Contact our team on 0203 621 1080 today.

Watch the activity in action

The Generation Game Gallery

Generation Game Facts

We can run it for groups of 15 – 250+

Activity lasts from 1 to 3 hours

It’s great for good old fun – learning new skills – get to know your colleagues

This activity can be run worldwide.


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