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The dramatic new trailer for the next series of The Apprentice has just hit our screens, letting us know that the job interview from hell will be appearing again on our screens very soon. The Apprentice is not only quality entertaiment, but also makes the perfect framework for some competitive corporate team building!

It’s been 18 months since we last got to watch the candidates struggle through nerve-racking challenges and intense boardroom meetings, so the new series has been extremely highly anticipated. There have even been rumours that Lord Sugar has offered right hand man Nick Hewer an eye lift ahead of the tenth season!

Zing’s corporate team building event ‘You’re Hired’ promises all the challenge and excitement of the television show, as well as delivering key business insights and all in all being a top end competitive team building activity!

In  the ‘You’re Hired’  team building activity candidates compete to receive financial investment through a series of demanding challenges. This is a highly competitive team building event, with multiple learning outcomes and an insight into the cut-throat world of business and retail.

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