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The BBC has announced that the generation game, one of television’s most iconic programmes, is set to return to our screens in the near future.

The show was originally hosted by Bruce Forsyth and featured teams competing against each other in a series of wacky challenges which culminated in the infamous conveyor belt round. BBC1 radio controller Charlotte Moore has promised that the new series will be a fresh new reinvention of the show, and has announced that Miranda Hart will be hosting the new series. However Hart seems unwilling to confirm this, despite calling the show ‘one of the greatest game shows ever’.

The generation game was an incredibly popular feel-good television classic, and at its height had countless families vying to appear alongside Brucie.

Which explains why it makes an equally exciting corporate team building activity!

Now Zing brings you the opportunity to take part in the their version of the original game, an extremely popular team building event! Zing’s generation game is just as fast, fun and hilarious as the original show but with a modern twist, consisting of 20-30 different short team building challenges.

Hosted by our gleeful professional presenter you’ll take part in a variety of team building activities ranging from cupcake making to football to origami.

If you’re looking for a fun and competitive team building event, the generation game fits perfectly between courses or can be run during the day.
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