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Corporate events with a twist

1. Take your time choosing an activity

There are lots of different options out there, and depending on the outcome you’re hoping the team building activity will bring you may need to change from your initial plans.

2. Think about the logistics of your location

Choosing somewhere miles away with no parking will only cause frustration for both your guests and the team building company.

3. Choose a venue appropriate for the activity

This includes size, style, what their house rules are and their technological facilities.

4. Remember little details make all the difference

Small gestures such as name cards, considerate prizes or well thought out team groupings can make all the difference to the success of the team building event.

5. Plan in advance

The more time you give yourself to plan, the better deal you’ll get. It will give you more venue options and more time to deal with last minute problems.

6. Think about your audience

If the group you’re booking for are a particularly exuberant bunch then you can probably push them further outer of their comfort zones than a more sedate group.

7. Find out about bespoke options

Many corporate team building activities have the option to add bespoke features. For example, Zing offers the opportunity for you to personalize the theme song of our game show mash up evening at no extra cost!

8. Take into consideration the event date

If you want to book your corporate team building event at a popular venue on a Thursday at the last minute, you may well find it’s completely booked up. Likewise for any team building event around Christmas.

9. Never forget catering

The way to a delegate’s heart is almost always through their stomach. Providing regular coffee breaks and good food which meets dietary requirements is an easy way to guarantee smiles all round.

10.  Listen to the experts!

The team building company you’re working with has done hundreds of these events and will be able to recommend for you the most suitable activities, book your venue and much more. Trust in their expertise!
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